The rise of intolerance

The rise of intolerance has been a phenomenon which has been a hallmark of the Indian public life. There seems to be a competition between various groups, parties, castes and communities to outdo each other in this field.

At the Positive Homeopathy Clinic

Editors’ Note : This article reports an investigation of a purported treatment facility, undertaken out of regard for public interest and the need to emphasize scientific temper in the choice of clinical services. 

Being amazed by the amazer- James Randi!

  For those who may not know about him, I would like to introduce James Randi aka the amazing Randi -one of the most well known skeptics on this earth and has a million dollar challenge for any one who can demonstrate supernatural powers or can show him something which can prove such.

A Rationalistís Dilemma: Thoughts On The Future Of The Rationalism Movement

At the panel discussion held on the 23rd January, Ajita and Pankaj set off some thoughts which have been in my mind for long. The motives are very selfish- to see that the movement for which we have worked so hard grows even stronger.

SWEARING BY GOD: An Atheistís Experiences In Indian Courts

In the place where I was born, and probably elsewhere in our country, religious sensitivities run very high....

The Desecularisation of Public Spaces

Many years ago I can recall a Rotarian asking me to join his club. He was a jolly good fellow, jovial in disposition and I was a well known consumer...

Chequing in at Unnao

Harsh summers and pending rain damages

When I reached Unnao UP on the 23rd of May it was boiling hot with temperatures more than 40 o C and hot winds blowing...

The Pseudoscience of Healing Crusades

My first public encounters as a rationalist were with evangelists – the crusading ones claiming to heal the sick, the blind and the lame. It was in 1975 or so when I was a student at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal...

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A Rationalist in Ranchi

Well, it was not my first visit to Ranchi and by the looks of it, it is not going to be last one either! When I was invited by Venkatesh who is one of the main moving forces...


Port Blair Training Camp on Developing Scientific Temper Concludes

The five day training program to create scientific temper among children by explaining the scientific principles behind many of the so called miracles has concluded on 30th May 2013.


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PUSHPENDRA KUMAR TOMAR On  The Story of a Brave Girl

Dr S Mukherjee On  The Fraud Of Nadi Jothidam


Programme Schedule

Some new programs coming up

Some new programs coming up! Here is a list:

22nd- Lecture on conusmer protection at Alliance college of Commerce,BTM layout, Bengaluru from 3-4.30 pm.

23rd- A religionless rationalist marriage reception of Sudhir with Siri at Doddaballpur at noon.

23rd evening a meeting at the office of Hosathu at Bengaluru at 4pm.

24th a TED X talk at the campus of BITS,Pilani at Goa.

24th evening- an interaction at the campus for students and faculty.

25th from Goa to Jabalpur.

26th a lecture demonstration on rational thinking at the district science meet organised by the Madhya Pradesh govt. department of science and technology(MAPCOST).

27th programs to be fixed at Jabalpur.

28th from Jabalpur to Mumbai- Mangalore.

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