Children & Superstitions

Children being the most vulnerable section of the society are very often the worst victims of atrocities linked to superstitions

The Pope, the Prime Minister and the Islamic State

While one may wonder what the Pope and the Prime Minister may have in common, I would like to elaborate why.

Avasthe of URA’s Samskara!

If I may be pardoned for the play on these Kannada words which are also the titles of two of the famous books of Jnanapita award winner

Astrology Flops Again!

I had made a prediction when we put forward our challenges to astrologers and all those who possess supernatural powers of prediction

Predict Election Results And Win 1 Million Rupees!

We have been inviting all those who claim supernatural powers of prediction

The Miracle Exposure Program – An Overview

I feel that it is time we have a serious discussion about an activity which has become the flagship program of our movement

A Rationalist in Ranchi

Well, it was not my first visit to Ranchi and by the looks of it, it is not going to be last one either!

Of Inter-caste, Inter-religious Marriages

On 7th of July I had been invited to Tiruchirapalli in Tamilnadu to take part in the solemnization of the marriage

News & Events

Major break through in exposure of Midbrain activation

We have been having doubts about the stunts of the Midbrain activators on how they brainwash or browbeat children into lying that they are seeing through blindfolds when they are actually peeking through the gaps between the nose and the blindfold


Midbrain activation challenge – an update

Since our group has taken up this fraud called as Midbrain activation head on and we are running a systematic and probably the only organized campaign against it, it would be needed to keep all our member groups informed on what is going on. 


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Top Responses

PUSHPENDRA KUMAR TOMAR On  The Story of a Brave Girl

Dr S Mukherjee On  The Fraud Of Nadi Jothidam


Programme Schedule

Some new programs coming up

Some new programs coming up! Here is a list:

22nd- Lecture on conusmer protection at Alliance college of Commerce,BTM layout, Bengaluru from 3-4.30 pm.

23rd- A religionless rationalist marriage reception of Sudhir with Siri at Doddaballpur at noon.

23rd evening a meeting at the office of Hosathu at Bengaluru at 4pm.

24th a TED X talk at the campus of BITS,Pilani at Goa.

24th evening- an interaction at the campus for students and faculty.

25th from Goa to Jabalpur.

26th a lecture demonstration on rational thinking at the district science meet organised by the Madhya Pradesh govt. department of science and technology(MAPCOST).

27th programs to be fixed at Jabalpur.

28th from Jabalpur to Mumbai- Mangalore.

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Welfare Activities